You may be ready for the elements, but your phone is not! The ClimateCase is the world’s first smartphone case that will keep your cell phone in the proper temperature range FOR HOURS! It can also restore an inoperable, overheated or frozen smartphone in less than 90 seconds! There is no other product out there that can do what the ClimateCase can do. Your phone will never overheat or freeze again if it’s protected by the ClimateCase. After 15 minutes below 32 or above 92, your phone may shut down completely, leaving you vulnerable and out of touch. With the ClimateCase, there’s no need to take the risk. The ClimateCase provides superior insulating protection for demanding environments, while in a sleek and fashionable profile. It’s durable neoprene case is impact resistant, soft to the touch and easy to clean. Perfect for the outdoors. The ClimateCase fits most brands and models of smartphones, including: iPhone 4, 5, 6 and 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note, S and S7, LG, HTC, Sony and Motorola.